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iView.NET 2.2

iView.NET is a light weight open source free to use and redistribute image viewer, manager and
editor software application all rolled into one. Designed to be simple and easy to use. iView.NET
can view, edit and save a variety of different image file formats (BMP, GIF, ICON, JPEG, PNG, TIFF).

With a fully customizable interface and a built in directory browser allowing for quick and easy
viewing and directory navigation, as well as multiple view types for viewing image files, iView.NET
can display scaled thumbnails or simple file views that consume less memory and load much faster.

iView.NET has a host of features allowing you edit your photos and images while browsing, such as
resizing, red eye correction, contrast and brightness adjustments as well as apply processing filters.

For a complete list of features, see below.


Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Target Platform

(x86) - 32bit: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


Command line tools and options.
Built in folder browser, for quick file browsing.
Multiple file views, thumbnails or simple file views for quicker file access.
Fully customizable user interface with full screen mode and docking windows.
Can open and save a variety of different image formats (BMP, GIF, ICON, JPEG, PNG, TIFF)
Can open multiple windows for image comparing.
Save your favourite locations for quick access.
Printing options.
Batch files processing.
Adjust file creation time stamp.
Can read and display Exif metadata.
Lossless transformations.
Rotate, flip and shear images.
Image auto scaling features.
Histogram, with pixel data information.
Screen capturing tool.
Red eye correction.
Eye dropper tool with html and pixel data read out.
Copy and paste clipboard support.
Supports file dropping, dragging and moving.
Undo and redo image editing.
Image resizing with interpolation options.
Apply a variety of image filters.
Adjust the brightness, contrast and gamma of an image.
Create contact sheets.
Create and keep your favourite slide shows.


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